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Hye everyone! Welcome to my blog. I'm selling selected USED/PRE-LOVED items at reasonable prices. Specialized on band,brand and vintage t-shirts. All items are NEGOTIABLE. So don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Text/call +60172645744 (asri). LONG LIVE BUNDLE GENERATION!!

vintage mickey mouse hawai.(SOLD).

vintage mickey mouse.50/50.condition A++.rm45.(front)(SOLD).

mickey mouse.(BACK).(SOLD).

mickey mouse.(TAG).(SOLD).


nofx.size L.tag hanes.condition A++.rm60.(SOLD).

Keith Haring(SOLD).

keith haring.size XL. condition A++. rm25.(FRONT)

keith haring (BACK)

A Rolling Stone magazine(SOLD)

A Rolling Stone magazine by flamingo.
condition A -.rm20.(SOLD).

Jeans Mitchel Basquit : Who Is This Man?.(SOLD).

jeans mitchel basquit.size XL. condition A++.longsleeve.rm25.(FRONT)(SOLD).
j.m.b (TAG)(SOLD).

j.m.b (ZOOM IN).(SOLD).

Dread Zeppelin.(SOLD).

dread zeppelin tour.size XL.condition A.tag hanes.rm25.(SOLD).

dread zeppelin(back)(SOLD).

Dashboard Confessional.(SOLD).

dashboard confessional.size s.condition A++.tag triple A.copyright 2001.rm45.(SOLD).