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Hye everyone! Welcome to my blog. I'm selling selected USED/PRE-LOVED items at reasonable prices. Specialized on band,brand and vintage t-shirts. All items are NEGOTIABLE. So don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Text/call +60172645744 (asri). LONG LIVE BUNDLE GENERATION!!

primal scream.(SOLD).

rare primal scream's MTHR FCKR t-shirt.
was made for the tour for their 2000 album XTRMNTR.

tag by shoot.size L.condition A.
same as in "the art of the band t-shirt book".
rm85 including postage.
trade are also welcome.(SOLD).

relient k(SOLD).

relient k.size s.
condition A-(gmbr ade sket pcah).
tag by jerzees.rm35 including postage.(SOLD).

mando diao.(SOLD).

mando diao line up picture.
size L.tag by shoot.
condition A-(gmbr ade sket pcah tp overall cun).
rm100 including postage.(SOLD).

avenged sevenfold.(SOLD).

avenged sevenfold tour.
size XL.tag by anvil.
condition A.
rm70 including postage.(SOLD).


size s.tag by hanes.
condition A.

kemeja paul smith(SOLD).

paul smith shirts.
condition A.size 16.5(L).
rm45 including postage.(SOLD).


size L.condition A.tag screen stars.
copyright oasis merchandising limited.
rm75 including postage.(SOLD).


size s.condition A-(colour pudar sket).
tag screen stars.origin of symettry album.
rm50 including postage.(SOLD).

the ataris.(SOLD).

the ataris.
size m. condition A.
tag hanes.
rm40 including postage.(SOLD).

less than jake.(SOLD).

less than jake.
copyright 1996.condition A.
ringer tee.size L.tag triple A.
rm55 including postage.(SOLD).


oasis heathen chemistry album.
size M fits L.missing tag.
condition B(colour da pudar sket).
rm35 including postage.(SOLD).

lacoste polo tee.(SOLD).

lacoste polo tee.
size 4(L).condition A+.
rm35 including postage.(SOLD).

boston tour 2003(SOLD).

boston tour 2003.
size XL fits L.tag by fruit of the looms.
condition A+.rm35 including postage.(SOLD).

volcom collar tee(SOLD).

volcom collar tee.size m.
condition A.made in india.
rm40 including postage.(SOLD).

lacoste t-shirt(SOLD).

lacoste t-shirt.
lacoste t-shirt.size 3(M) fits L.
condition A.made in japan.
rm35 including postage.(SOLD).

senses fail.(SOLD).

senses fail.
size s.tag by fruit of the loom.
condition A.
rm45 including postage.(SOLD).

the used.(SOLD).

the used.
size s.condition A+.
tag by gildan.
rm50 including postage.(SOLD).

avenged sevenfold.(SOLD).

avenged sevenfold.
condition B(colour da pudar sikit tapi boleh celup).
no holes or stains.
size m.tag by hanes.
rm35 including postage.(SOLD).

3 quarter superlover(SOLD).

3 quarter superlover.size XS.
condition A.made in japan.
rm45 including postage.(SOLD).

izod lacoste jacket.(SOLD).

izod lacoste jacket.
condition A-.size M/L.
rm 50 including postage.(SOLD).

keith haring(SOLD).

keith haring sweater.
size s.condition A++(as good as new).
rm40 including postage.(SOLD).